50 tips to become rich – Part 1

In the last few days, I did some brainstorming and thought a lot about which tips you should give every beginner about being rich. Coming together is a list of 50 tips to get rich.

Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive, and I will probably expand this list again as I come up with more strategies. I hope you will find some useful tips on your path to financial freedom.

Here are my 50 tips to build sustainable assets:

1. Think long term  – getting rich is not a sprint but a marathon, there are many reasons why you should invest your money over a long period.

2. Consider yourself as Business – When it comes to getting rich, you have more in common with a business than you think. Businesses need to be self-optimizing and getting better, setting goals and visions for themselves and reviewing their own achievements. All of these are points you should also consider in your own finances.

3. Start early to take care of your finances – Many people are dealing too late with their finances.If you want to pursue the goal of financial freedom or even become rich, you should start early to develop a plan, learn about money and let time work for you.

4. Say goodbye to the dream of getting rich fast – How many people are getting rich quickly? And how many could keep their assets afterward? Handling money must be learned. If you do not know how to make money, you do not know how to keep the money. Getting rich fast just does not work!

5. Set yourself SMART goals – The SMART formula (specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, scheduled) is cheezy right? Nonetheless, it just makes sense. Set goals for different time horizons and you will achieve what you have set for yourself.

6. Check your attitude to money – How is your attitude towards getting rich? Do you consider people with money as rich assholes or do you see people who have achieved something? Is money something good or something bad? Why should you get rich if you are negative about money? Try to see money as something positive.

7. Take care of your finances yourself – Take responsibility and take care of your money yourself. It is your money. Why should you leave the most important decisions in your life to a broker or a consultant?  someone else

8. Improve your financial education – Unfortunately,  financial education is not taught in school does at all So put your energy into your knowledge. Read financial books and blogs and educate yourself.

9. Earn more than you spend – Or vice versa: spend less than you earn. Sounds logical no? But there are always people who manage to go bankrupt despite millions of dollars. Why? That’s right, they spend more than they earn. Gain control over your money.

10. build multiple income streams – Most people only have their  9-to-5 job. But what if you get fired? It always makes sense to generate multiple income streams. Be it a part-time self-employment, a side job, an online business, investment income or just about everything together.

These were my first 10 tips to become rich.

More to come soon;;;

What else do you think is missing?